7 Ways to Go Green For St. Patrick’s Day
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7 Ways to Go Green For St. Patrick’s Day

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The first very simple and easy way to go green is by simply turning off the lights when exiting a room. About 90% of the energy emitted from your lights are heat while only about 10% is light. This can save you money and can keep your house cooler which is very helpful in the summer. 

Another way to go green is to replace your light bulbs with energy efficient types. Doing this simple step can help save up to 75% of energy consumption by your light bulbs which can ultimately save you up to $200 annually!

When doing your laundry, wash it with cold water instead of hot. Doing this puts less pressure on your water heater and the electricity grids, which in turn uses less energy and saves you money as well!

 Another small thing that you can do to go green is to pay your bills online. This can save you time and money! You can also help reduce your impact on the environment and you don’t need any gas in your car to do it!

Reuse any scrap paper! You can do this by printing on two sides of the paper, and reuse the pieces that don’t have anything on one side! This can be turned into fun art projects for the kids or some scrap pieces to take notes on!

Unplug any appliances and chargers that aren’t being used. Doing this prevents any power going into the appliances or chargers when they aren’t being used which can save you up to $200 per year! This simple step can also help prevent any power surges from hurting your appliances.

The last thing is to lower the temperature of your water heater by 10 degrees F. This puts less stress on your water heater and can save energy by 3% - 5%. This would also help you save money and you could save up to $20 per year!