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St. Petersburg FL


St. Petersburg FL 

Upholstery Cleaning


Premium Furniture Cleaning Gets Premium Results


Only the Best for You

Upholstery Cleaning in St. Petersburg FL is one of the many things that we take pride in at Chem-Dry of Clearwater/Largo. If you are looking for the best furniture cleaning experience around, look no further than Chem-Dry of Clearwater/Largo! We understand that while life can get a little frantic from time to time, this is something you will not have to worry about after we are done with them. We are committed to delivering the best cleaning possible for any of your upholstered needs. Our professionals will do their best to assure that all of your needs are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our Tested Process

We’ve put a lot of effort into developing just the right formula to get your upholstery clean and fresh, and we know we have the right product for you. It’s clean, natural, and innovative as well. Rather than using harmful chemicals that other upholstery cleaning methods might use, our product uses the action of millions of tiny scrubbing bubbles that make sure that every fiber of that upholstery stays intact and beautiful. Our process, called ‘Hot Carbonating Extraction’, has been tested and proven to clean that furniture down to the smallest detail. It’s the clean that stays clean!

The Protection We Deliver

 Furniture is a lot more than just beauty in your household. Keeping your family comfortable and safe is another priority of Chem-Dry of Clearwater/Largo as we assist you with whatever upholstery you need cleaned. As studies have been conducted, it has been determined that our method and solution can eliminate up to 98% of allergens in the desired cleaning surface. This means that the air is clearer and healthier for you to have your children and pets in. We promise the best results on the market, because we are the best when it comes to St. Petersburg FL upholstery cleaning.

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